book cover: ’Other’ Spanish Theatres: Erasure and Inscription on the Twentieth-Century Spanish Stage

’Other’ Spanish Theatres: Erasure and Inscription on the Twentieth-Century Spanish Stage

Maria M. Delgado
(Manchester University Press, 2003)

Other' Spanish Theatres challenges established opinions on modern Iberian theatre in considering the roles of contrasting figures and companies who have impacted upon both the practice and the perception of Spanish, and European, stages. In examining the work of six carefully chosen case studies - Margarita Xirgu, Enrique Rambal, María Casares, Nuria Espert, Lluís Pasqual and La Cubana - Delgado offers a new interpretation of a nation's theatrical culture which has been viewed primarily through the prisms of a select number of revered playwrights. Offering a compelling case for the influence of Spanish practitioners on theatre in Europe and the Americas, the studyfocuses on the doing of performance, asking provocative questions around how performances are tested against the texts that remain.

a must for scholars of the Spanish stage and may well change the view we have of Spanish theatre histories.”

Sarah Wright, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

“This book is really important. Anyone who is interested in theatre should have a knowledge of what’s happening in Spain, because it’s currently dynamic, innovative and exciting. And this book is as good an account as it’s possible to get.”

Sir Brian McMaster,
Director of the Edinburgh International Festival, 1991-2006


Marcos Ordóñez, El País, 8 September 2003

“this important monograph”

David George, Modern Drama, 47 (2004)

“groundbreaking book”

John Ginman, New Theatre Quarterly Vol. 21, Issue 1 (Feb 2005)

“provocative and carefully researched”

Marion Peter Holt, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Vol. 82, No. 5

“radically challenges what we have taken for granted for so long”

Anglo-Spanish Society Quarterly Review, No. 201 (2004)