Bernard Marie Koltes Plays 2


Book Cover: Bernard Marie Koltes Plays 2

Bernard Marie Koltes Plays 2

A second collection of plays by the legendary French contemporary playwright.
Edited and introduced by David Bradby and Maria M. Delgado (Methuen Drama, 2004)

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In the Solitude of Cotton Fields (1987) is an extraordinary duologue between two men who meet randomly on the street and who find themselves locked in a struggle between life and death; Quai Ouest and Sallinger are both set in North America and provide extraordinarily prescient insight into America's relationship with outsiders. The Night Before the Forests is a soul-searching monologue addressed to an unseen audience whose identity is never fully discovered, although it is constantly in question.

“A creator of a mythology of the underworld, a champion of the underdog and the lone wolf, and a pioneer of a wholly new style of dramatic writing”

The Times

“A classic of our time, who, since 1990, is the French author most performed abroad”

Le Monde