Film projects

“Acting Across Frontiers” and the London Spanish Film Festival

Maria Delgado has a longstanding collaborative relationship with the London Spanish Film Festival which includes advisory work, consultancy and curatorial work on specific projects and onstage Q&As. Recent Q&As include Javier Cámara, Isabel Coixet, Blanco Portillo, Carlos Saura and Fernando Trueba.

Projects include “Acting Across Frontiers”, presented in association with Queen Mary University of London’s Centre for Public Engagement between 2012 and 2014. The first part of the project,  “Acting Almodóvar” (2012) focused on the particular acting registers deployed in Pedro Almodóvar’s cinema and involved a number of public events with actresses Antonia San Juan and Marisa Paredes. Part two looked at the work of actors performing across transnational contexts with special guest Juan Diego Botto discussing his work in Spain and Argentina.

Part three presented a mini-retrospective of the Catalan actor Sergi López. The career interview with López examined his long trajectory of work in Spanish and Catalan for both stage and screen and his extensive French-language work as well as his English-language film work to date.

Antonia San Juan and Marisa Paredes discussing "Acting Almodóvar" with Maria Delgado, October 2012.
Photograph by Pablo Goikoetxea Pérez, courtesy of the London Spanish Film Festival